Alphabet Volume 1

The first entry in a new short story anthology series, An Alphabet of Fear takes the reader on a trip into the strange and unsettling places which wait beyond the realms of the ordinary. Volume 1 contains three short stories. In “Autophobia,” experience firsthand the unsettling consequences of surrendering yourself entirely to the control of another. “Bathyphobia” follows Roger Maple, a small-town journalist who attends the unveiling and activation of a remarkable, impossible Device. Finally, “Glossophobia” is the tale of Kevin, who awakes, trapped and restrained, in a dim and eerily silent and sealed room.

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Cover Art.jpg

Ted is a perfectly ordinary guy gifted with extraordinary powers who tries his best to keep the universe on the rails. While thwarting a rival’s attempt to unmake the foundation of the cosmos, Ted loses someone near and dear to him: his hamster. Fortunately, for the right price, death is a reversible condition. Unfortunately, the entity who claims the dead has secretive, dangerous machinations of her own and knows how to drive a hard bargain.

Ted’s a pretty resourceful guy, though. Surely he’s got a way out of this jar of bread-n-butter pickles.

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Mortal Decisions Cover

Creepy business is afoot in Mortal Decision, a double-feature horror anthology! In “The Sarum House,” a long-lost part of an eccentric’s menagerie of weirdness is compelled to rejoin the collection, while “Tanner’s Cave” shares one of the less-expected perils of a person’a pitfall.

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