Alphabet Volume 1

The first entry in a new short story anthology series, An Alphabet of Fear takes the reader on a trip into the strange and unsettling places which wait beyond the realms of the ordinary. Volume 1 contains three short stories. In “Autophobia,” experience firsthand the unsettling consequences of surrendering yourself entirely to the control of another. “Bathyphobia” follows Roger Maple, a small-town journalist who attends the unveiling and activation of a remarkable, impossible Device. Finally, “Glossophobia” is the tale of Kevin, who awakes, trapped and restrained, in a dim and eerily silent and sealed room.

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Ted is a perfectly ordinary guy gifted with extraordinary powers who tries his best to keep the universe on the rails. While thwarting a rival’s attempt to unmake the foundation of the cosmos, Ted loses someone near and dear to him: his hamster. Fortunately, for the right price, death is a reversible condition. Unfortunately, the entity who claims the dead has secretive, dangerous machinations of her own and knows how to drive a hard bargain.

Ted’s a pretty resourceful guy, though. Surely he’s got a way out of this jar of bread-n-butter pickles.

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Life’s complicated for everyone. Ted’s complications are just a teensy bit bigger and stranger than most.

Whether it’s thwarting a vindictive ex-professor bent on manipulating the galactic economy or dealing with demon-possessed mascots at an amusement park, Ted keeps busy keeping the cosmos on the rails. Trouble finds him even when he’s on break at a dive bar on a backwater planet or trying to enjoy chicken tikka masala from the last place in the universe to make and sell it.

Experience Ted’s bizarre adventures yourself!

Mortal Decisions Cover

Creepy business is afoot in Mortal Decision, a double-feature horror anthology! In “The Sarum House,” a long-lost part of an eccentric’s menagerie of weirdness is compelled to rejoin the collection, while “Tanner’s Cave” shares one of the less-expected perils of a person’a pitfall.

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