Tabletop Stuff

Turns out I’m sort of a turbonerd! You can find links to stuff I’ve made and uploaded to here. Download ’em, check ’em out, and let me know how they’ve performed at your tabletop gatherings!

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A TTRPG love letter to the classics of the beat-em-up genre made for a minimalist game jam. Includes rules for making Your Dude, how to construct the venues you brawl in, and how to build the baddies whose teeth you knock out. Plus it supports GMless play thanks to an AI scripting system baked into enemy stat blocks.


Use a deck of playing cards to create, explore, and resolve a roguelike dungeon crawl adventure!


Waiting for some members of your tabletop crew who are running late? Pass the time with this quick and silly game!


Be a cat in a house with other cats. Have the biggest zoom. That’s it, that’s the game.


Eat Bug. Enjoy Wet. Have Sit. Live a salamander’s beatific life in this survival-ish fantastical game for one or more players.

Arah’s Mire

Uncover the mysteries of Arah’s Mire in this wilderness hexcrawl adventure! While not intended for any specific edition, it is crafted in a distinctly old-school spirit.

Kurvan Bay

A tiny outpost isn’t big enough for two egotistical merchants to seize their ambitions. The question the adventuring party faces: to do their best to stay above the intrigue and fray, or to dive in face-first?

Lake Follin

This lakeside provides anything but a peaceful retreat! Profiteering bandits-turned-fishers, a mercenary group on a mission, and zealous water-priests and their benthic behemoths await.

Tiger’s Den

An angry, intelligent, magic-wielding big cat is scary enough. When you add an army of fanatical lizardfolk and a tame hydra kept in the caverns under a decrepit ruin….things escalate, to put it mildly. Will adventurers dispatched to stop this looming threat succeed, or will their battered bones be left to molder in a trackless jungle?

Alata Regatta

Mischance has befallen the quaint riverside village of Alata on the eve of its annual pumpkin festival-slash-regatta! Can your herd of adventurers solve the myriad mishaps plaguing this peaceful town? This laid-back and silly adventure can be fitted for any tabletop gaming system and for characters of any level!

Warning: Proper names in this pamphlet have a dangerously high concentration of terrible puns

Solynn Saga

Movers are attempting to shake something big in the Solynn Archipelago and a group of adventurers finds themselves mired at the center of an sea-spanning conflict. A series of pamphlet adventurers which can be played as one-shorts or strung together into an island-hopping campaign.

Troubles in Teham

The port town of Teham has come under the thumb of a hobgoblin and his cadre of goons! They’ve cowed or conscripted the local guards and everyone else seems resigned to life under his thumb. What an unfortunate state of affairs! But how lucky that a group of fledgling adventurers has just rolled into town!

As Was Fated

The mysteries enveloping Isami’s cult demand answers, and any adventurers worth their salt would eagerly seek them out! Venture to Isami’s shrine, uncover why her lesser clerics have been acting oddly of late, and do what’s necessary to set right what is become wrong.