New Release: An Alphabet of Fear

You like short story anthologies? You like unsettling weirdness? You like when somebody’s compositions are constrained around a particular gimmick? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, do I have good news for you!

Feast your eyes:

Alphabet Volume 1

An Alphabet of Fear: Volume 1 is the first entry in a series of anthologies that will take you, dear reader, on a guided tour deep into the twisty realms of the bizarre. Each entry in this series is centered on a particular theme or concept or fear, and our travels will take us through the Greek alphabet from alpha to omega.

Volume 1 contains 3 short stories. “Autophobia” is the firsthand experience of unsettling consequences following complete surrender to the control of another. “Bathyphobia” is the story of Roger Maple, a small-town journalist who attends the unveiling and activation of a remarkable, impossible Device. Finally, in “Glossophobia,” a young man named Kevin awakes, trapped and restrained, in a dim and eerily silent and sealed room.

Pick it up on Amazon Kindle today!

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